Second Season


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Ira Steven Behr
Story: Jeri Taylor, Ira Steven Behr
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Cast: Richard Beymer (Lee Nalis), Max Grodenchik (Rom), Michael Bell (Bajoran), Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat), Frank Langella (Jaro), Leslie Bevis (Freighter Captain), Paul Nakauchi (Tygarrian Officer)

The second season of DS9 began with a three-part episode. In this, the first part, Major Kira learns that a legendary Bajoran rebel leader (Lee) is still held captive in a Cardassian prisoner of war camp and takes a run-about to free him and the other Bajorans still held captive.


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields
Writer: Peter Allen Fields
Director: Corey Allen
Cast: Richard Beymer (Lee Nalis), Stephen Macht (General Kremm), Bruce Gray (Admiral Jakote), Philip Anglim (Vedek Bareil), Louise Fletcher (Vedek Winn), Frank Langella (Jaro), Mike Genovese (Zef'No), Eric Server (Peace Officer), Anthony Guidera (Cardassian)

Kira, having been replaced as liaison officer by Lee Nalis, spends some time with Vedek Bareil and has an encounter with an orb before being taken captive by the Circle. The station crew mounts a rescue attempt and learns who is behind the Circle, and who is supplying arms to them.


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields Writer: Michael Piller Director: Winrich Kolbe Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Steven Weber (Colonel Day), Richard Beymer (Lee Nalis), Stephen Macht (General Kremm), Max Grodenchik (Rom), Aron Eisenberg (Nog), Philip Anglim (Vedek Bareil), Louise Fletcher (Vedek Winn), Frank Langella (Jaro), Katrina Carlson (Bajoran Officer), Hana Hatae (Molly)

The Federation is ordered to vacate the station and turn it over to Bajor. Sisko and the crew, unwilling to turn over the sector and the wormhole to the Circle and their arms supplier, stay behind to hold the station long enough to get evidence to the council that would break the rebellion.


Producers: Peter Lauritson and Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: John Whelpley, Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Story: John Whelpley
Director: Les Landau
Cast: John Glover (Verad), Megan Gallagher (Mareel), Tim Russ (T'Kar), Steve Rankin (Yeto)

While the station is evacuated due to a space storm, a group of mercenaries, led by a Trill named Verad, seize the station and force Dr. Bashir to give Dax's symbiont to Verad.


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: James Crocker
Story: Gene Wolande, John Wright
Director: Cliff Bole
Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Andrew Robinson (Garak), Robert Mandan (Kotan P'Dar), Terrence Evans (Proka Mikdal), Vidal Peterson (Rugal), Dion Anderson (Zolan), Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat), Sharon Conley (Jomat Luson), Karen Hensel (Deela), Jillian Ziesmer (Asha)

A Cardassian boy, left behind when the Cardassians evacuated Bajor and adopted by a Bajoran family is discovered by Dr. Bashir with the prodding of Garak. Their investigation of the matter leads to a political intrigue involving the boy's real father and Gul Dukat.


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Evan Carlos Somers, Steven Baum, Michael Piller, James Crocker
Story: Evan Carlos Somers
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Cast: Daphne Ashbrook (Melora), Peter Crombie (Falott Kott), Don Stark (Ashrock), Ron Taylor (Klingon Chef)

A disabled cartographer arrives at DS9 and becomes romantically involved with Dr. Bashir. Meanwhile, Quark runs into an old acquaintance who is out for revenge.


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Ira Steven Behr
Story: Hilary Bader
Director: David Livingston
Cast: Helene Udy (Pel), Brian Thompson (Inglatu), Max Grodenchik (Rom), Emilia Crow (Irae), Tiny Ron (Mahadu), Wallace Shawn (Zek)

The Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek comes to the station to give Quark the opportunity of a lifetime - negotiating on his behalf with the Dozai, a new race in the gamma quadrant with a passion for profit that rivals the Ferengis. Meanwhile, Quark finds himself with a new assistant, Pel, who has a terrible secret.


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields
Writer: Peter Allen Fields
Director: James L. Conway
Cast: Katherine Moffat (Mrs. Vatrick), Max Grodenchik (Rom), Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat), Robert MacKenzie (Trazko)

An assault on Quark is tied to a murder investigation started years ago by Odo when he first became the station's constable while the station was still under Cardassian rule. The episode is well filmed and the story within the story of the old investigation is well integrated into the story of the investigation into Quark's assault.


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Mark Gehred-O'Connell, Ira Steven Behr, Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Story: Mark Gehred-O'Connell
Director: Alexander Singer
Cast: Salli Elise Richardson (Fena/Nadelle), Richard Kiley (Dr. Seyetik), Mark Erickson (Piersall)

Sisko falls for a beautiful and mysterious woman who happens to very closely resemble the wife of a scientist visiting the station.


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Frederick Rappaport
Story: Gabe Essoe, Kelley Miles
Director: Les Landau
Cast: William Schallert (Varani), Andrew Koenig (Tumak), Aron Eisenberg (Nog), Michael Durrell (General Hazar), Betty McGuire (Vayna), Robert Curtis-Brown (Vedek Sorad), Kitty Swink (Rozanne), Deborah May (Haneek), Leland Orser (Gai), Nicholas Shaffer (Cowl)

A group of refugees from the other side of the wormhole arrive and the station seeking a mythical planet, which they happen to believe is Bajor.


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Joe Menosky
Story: Jim Trombetta, Michael Piller
Director: David Livingston
Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Barbara Bosson (Roana), K Callan (Alsea), Max Grodenchik (Rom), Albert Henderson (Prisoner), Chris Sarandon (Martus Nazur)

A con man opens up a new gambling parlor on board Deep Space Nine in direct competition with Quark's and Quark in none too happy about it. Meanwhile, the crew of the station attempt to discover the reason behind the unusual number of odd accidents, and other bad luck experienced by people on board in the last few days.


Producers: Peter Lauritson, Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Bill Dial
Story: Jim Trombetta, Bill Dial
Director: David Carson
Cast: James Sloyan (Mr. Mora Pol), Matt McKenzie (Dr. Weld Ram)

The scientist who found Odo finds similar DNA traces on another planet and he and Odo bring back a life form with similar shape-changing abilities. But the life form dies on the station and shortly thereafter, strange things begin to happen which indicate that an hostile alien life form is loose on DS9.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Writer: Morgan Gendel
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Darleen Carr (E'Tyshra), Peter White (Sharat), Larry Cedar (Nidrum), Bill Mondy (Jakin)

O'Brien and Dr. Bashir are sent to help the T'Lani and the Kelleran races destroy a biological weapon that was used in their formerly endless war. But, O'Brien gets infected and both are trapped on a desolate planet when the two formerly warring races unite to kill the two of them.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Writer: Paul Robert Coyle
Director: Les Landau
Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Todd Waring (Lt. DeCurtis), Susan Bay (Admiral Rolman), Philip LeStrange (Paradan), Hana Hatae (Molly)

O'Brien returns to the station after discussing security arrangements with the Paradan's - a race besieged by civil war who are planning a peace conference at the station. However, O'Brien finds everyone on DS9 acting weirdly and begins to suspect they've been taken over by someone or something that wants to destroy the conference.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Jeff King, Richard Manning, Hans Beimler
Story: Jim Trombetta, James Crocker
Director: Corey Allen
Cast: Julia Nickson (Cassandra), Steve Vinovich (Joseph), Michael Buchman Silver (Vinod), Erick Weiss (Stephan), Gail Strickland (Alixus)

Sisko and O'Brien find a lost colony ruled by a woman who is militantly anti-technology.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Writer: Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Director: Robert Scheerer
Cast: Kenneth Mars (Colyus), Kenneth Tobey (Rurigan), Noley Thornton (Taya), Philip Anglim (Vedek Bareil), Trula M. Marcus (Female Villager), Martin Cassidy (Male Villager)

Dax and Odo find a previously unknown planet whose inhabitants are mysteriously, and literally, disappearing. Meanwhile, Sisko arranges for Jake to be apprenticed to O'Brien in preparation for his attending Starfleet Academy.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Writer: Jim Trombetta, Michael Piller
Story: Jim Trombetta
Director: David Livingston
Cast: Geoffry Blake (Arjin), Ron Taylor, Richard Poe, Chris Nelson Norris (Alien Man)

Before Trills are merged, initiates are evaluated by older, more experienced Trills to determine if they are fit for merging. Dax is assigned an initiate named Arjin for evaluation and neither quite knows what to expect or how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, while flying a runabout through the wormhole, Dax and Arjin encounter a strange phenomena which they bring back to the station and later discover that it's a proto-universe which is expanding and will soon destroy the station unless they destroy it, and the possibly intelligent beings inside, first.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Writer: Flip Kobler, Cindy Marcus
Director: Robert Wiemer
Cast: Mary Crosby (Natima), Andrew Robinson (Garak), Michael Reilly Burke (Hogue), Heidi Swedberg (Rekelen), Edward Wiley (Gul Toran)

Natima, Quark's old flame, a Cardassian, returns to the station pursued by a Cardassians warship. She, and Her dissident students, advocate a democratic Cardassia and support removing the power the military now has. Naturally, the military wants her and her students killed.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Television Story and Teleplay: Peter Allen Fields
Based on Material by: Andrea Moore Alton
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Cast: John Colicos (Kor), Michael Ansara (Kang), William Campbell (Koloth), Bill Bolender (Albino), Christopher Collins (Albino's Henchman)

Three old-familiar Klingon faces in the Star Trek universe meet at Deep Space 9 looking for Curzon Dax to help them fulfill a blood oath the four of them once took to find and kill a ruthless pirate. They are naturally dismayed to find that Curzon Dax is now Jadzia Dax but the new Dax entity feels just as loyal as Curzon would have been and joins them on their quest.

Fans of the original Star Trek series, should remember the three Klingons played by their original actors: Kor (John Colicos), first appeared in the episode "Errand of Mercy", Kang (Michael Ansara) first appeared in "Day of the Dove" and Koloth (William Campbell, who also appeared in "The Squire of Gothos") appeared in "The Trouble with Tribbles".


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: James Crocker
Story: Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor, James Crocker
Director: David Livingston
Cast: Tony Plana (Amaros), Bertila Damas (Siconna), Richard Poe (Gul Evek), Michael A. Krawic (William Patrick Samuels), Amanda Carlin (Kobb), Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat), Bernie Casey (Cal Hudson), Michael Rose (Niles), Steven John (Evans)

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ``Journey's End'' it was revealed that a truce with the Cardassians had been established and a neutral zone had been created but that several colonies, both Cardassian and Federation, found themselves on the wrong side of the zone. None of the colonies wishes to relinquish control of the planets they worked so hard to claim so instead, Cal Hudson (and others) attempt to arrange a peace. But the Cardassians seem to have other plans and war appears to be breaking out in the colonies. Sisko finds himself in the middle of the war when the Bok'Nor is blown up by a saboteur at DS9. Sisko's unlikely partner in getting to the bottom of what's going on - none other than Gul Dukat, the former commander of DS9.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Ira Steven Behr
Story: Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor, Ira Steven Behr
Director: Corey Allen
Cast: Tony Plana (Amaros), John Schuck (Legate Parn), Natalija Nogulich (Admiral Necheyev), Bertila Damas (Siconna), Michael Bell (Drofo Alwa), Amanda Carlin (Kobb), Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat), Bernie Casey (Cal Hudson)

Sisko finds himself trying to rescue Gul Dukat from the Maquis while trying to obey Starfleet's orders to stop the Maquis and bring peace back to the Volon colonies.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Writer: Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Director: Kim Friedman
Cast: Andrew Robinson (Garak), Jimmie F. Skaggs (Boheeka), Ann Gillespie (Medical Assistant), Paul Tooley (Enabran Tain)

Dr. Bashir must find a way to save his Cardassian friend Garak who is suffering from great pain caused by a device implanted in his brain by Cardassian intelligence.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Peter Allen Fields, Michael Piller
Story: Peter Allen Fields
Directory: David Livingston
Cast: Andrew Robinson (Garak), John Cothran, Jr. (Telok), Stephen Gevedon (Klingon #1), Jack R. Orend (Human), Dennis Madalone (Marauder)

Kira and Dr. Bashir, returning from a mission on New Bajor, experience problems in the wormhole with their warp core and find themselves in the universe first seen in the old series episode, ``Mirror, Mirror'', many years after Kirk visited and, apparently disrupted, their timeline. In this universe, the Cardassians and Bajorans are part of an alliance that enslaves Terrans.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Teleplay: Gary Holland, Ira Steven Behr, Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Story: Gary Holland
Director: Cliff Bole
Cast: Philip Anglim (Vedek Bareil), Bert Remsen (Kubik Oke), Camille Saviola (Kai Opaka), Louise Fletcher (Vedek Winn), Charles Parks (Eblan), Tom Villard (Prylar Bek)

Vedek Winn and Vedek Bareil are both in line to be the new Kai of Bajor. The choosing of the new Kai is only days away when Vedek Winn comes to Deep Space 9 with a startling revelation for Kira Nerys - her friend and lover Vedek Winn may have been a collaborator with the Cardassians and may have been responsisible for the massacre of over forty Bajorans.


Producer: Peter Allen Fields
Writer: Bill Dial
Director: Avery Brooks
Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Caroline LagerFelt (Mokbar), John Beck (Raymond Boone), Richard Poe (Gul Evek), Julian Christopher (Maquis), Fritz Weaver (Kovat)

Miles and Keiko leave for vacation on a runabout. But, before they get very far, their runabout is intercepted by Gul Evek on a Cardassian warship. Instead of the relaxing vacation, Miles finds himself taken to Cardassia Prime, to stand trial for smuggling weapons to the Maquis.


Prodcuer: Peter Allen Fields
Writer: Ira Steven Behr
Director: Kim Friedman
Cast: Alan Oppenheimer (Captain Keogh), Aron Eisenberg (Nog), Cress Williams (Talak'Talan), Molly Hagan (Eris), Michael Jace (1st Officer), Sandra Grando (2nd Officer)

Sisko plans to take Jake on a field trip to a small, quiet planet on the other side of the wormhole so Jake can work on a science project. Jake asks if Nog can join them since Nog also has a science project to do. Quark seizes on this opportunity to tag along, ostensibly as Nog's guardian but with his own plans for convincing Sisko to allow Quark to advertise on the station's monitors. The field trip is interrupted though by Eris, who is escaping from the Jem'Hadar - members of the Dominion. Soon Sisko, Quark and Eris find themselves prisoners of the Dominion while Jake and Nog try to get back to DS9 to get a rescue party. The Dominion attacks the party, and even destrois the Galaxy class vessel USS Odyssey.